boot-coreOur super-complicated boot-core used for building our amazing iso'sRedcore Linux Project4 months
portageRedcore Linux portage tree cloneRedcore Linux Project9 hours
redcore-buildRedcore Linux portage configuration filesRedcore Linux Project5 hours
redcore-build-xRedcore Linux paludis configuration filesRedcore Linux Project4 weeks
redcore-desktopRedcore Linux ebuilds overlayRedcore Linux Project7 hours
redcore-desktop-xRedcore Linux exheres repositoryRedcore Linux Project2 weeks
redcore-liveRedcore Linux live scriptsRedcore Linux Project4 months
redcore-skelRedcore Linux skeleton filesRedcore Linux Project4 months
redcore-themeRedcore Linux daylight and nighttime themesRedcore Linux Project4 months
redcore-theme-lxqtRedcore Linux lxqt stylesRedcore Linux Project4 months
sisyphusSisyphus Package ManagerRedcore Linux Project3 days
vasileVersatile Advanced Script for ISO and Latest EnchantmentsRedcore Linux Project3 days