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masterset iso_version to 1908V3n3RiX7 months
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2019-07-27set iso_version to 1908HEADmasterV3n3RiX
2019-01-26make the background blackV3n3RiX
2019-01-11oops...forgot thisV3n3RiX
2019-01-10remove ancient stuff, right now it causes huge performance issuesV3n3RiX
2019-01-06set iso_version to 1812V3n3RiX
2018-06-30set iso version to 1806V3n3RiX
2018-06-10update readmeV3n3RiX
2018-03-31set iso_version to 1803V3n3RiX
2018-01-13prepare 1801V3n3RiX
2017-11-05use proper value for UK layoutbionel