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masterset iso_version to 2201V3n3RiX5 days
AgeCommit messageAuthor
5 daysset iso_version to 2201HEADmasterV3n3RiX
2021-10-16set iso version to 2102V3n3RiX
2021-01-11restore vconsole && RD.locale.LANG positions, otherwise our language and keyb...V3n3RiX
2020-12-19prevent apparmor from spamming dmesgV3n3RiX
2020-05-17change backgroundV3n3RiX
2020-05-16set iso_version to 2004V3n3RiX
2019-07-27set iso_version to 1908V3n3RiX
2019-01-26make the background blackV3n3RiX
2019-01-11oops...forgot thisV3n3RiX