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masterfreenode is dead, use libera.chatV3n3RiX3 months
2.1commit ca1ef01334...GitLab5 years
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2021-06-18freenode is dead, use libera.chatHEADmasterV3n3RiX
2021-06-08create a default activity ID, make sure the favourites and wallpaper are set ...V3n3RiX
2021-06-08skel : don't turn off the screen during live modeV3n3RiX
2020-05-31drop lxqt bitsV3n3RiX
2020-05-20Revert "let's arrange the plasma menu, a bit"V3n3RiX
2020-05-20let's arrange the plasma menu, a bitV3n3RiX
2020-05-20update plasma skeletonV3n3RiX
2020-05-20add new color schemeV3n3RiX
2020-05-20update "Get Live Help" iconV3n3RiX
2019-07-23* lxqt : increase font size from 8 to 10V3n3RiX