Hey there Redcore Linux lovers!

Prior to Redcore Linux 1710 we triggered a mass rebuild of the whole repository. That was done because the last mass rebuild was over 6 months old, and many things changed in the meantime. However, at the beggining of this weekend, Gentoo Linux marked a new toolchain as stable (GCC 6.4.0, Glibc 2.25 etc), so we had 2 choices :

We went for choice number two. We updated the toolchain, recompiled the core packages 3 times to make sure everything is fine. We then recompiled the whole repository twice with the new toolchain. In the end we updated some packages to their new versions. The entire process took 6 days to complete.

Here are some rough stats :

The new toolchain and rebuilt packages are being synced to the repository as we speak. That means, next time you update your system you will receive over 1000 packages to reinstall/upgrade.


You will end up having mixed packages, some built with older toolchain, some with new toolchain and it will break your system for sure.

I know it will be a pain, and the reinstall/upgrade will run for quite some time (depending on your internet speed and machine configuration, it could take few hours), but it is a required step for you to continue to receive updated packages, and have a more stable system overall. Still, it won't take you as long as it took us (nearly a week as already stated).